Most important to us is that we never use harmful chemicals or pesticides on our vegetables. We utilize all organic growing practices to bring you safe food.  This concept is at the heart of what Alum Creek Farms stands for.  We believe that food should nourish our bodies and provide an avenue to complete, full health.  We want our members to be completely confident that what they put on their family’s table will do no harm, but can instead reawaken each of us to food choices that can be both healthful and delicious.

Another simple but often overlooked fact is that the best vegetables – those that not only taste the best, but offer you that greatest health benefit- are those that are in season.  This is something that we have forgotten as we wander down countless grocery store aisles, choosing foods that are not grown for our region or during a particular season.  These foods do very little to nourish our bodies or provide any nutrient benefit whatsoever.  Our shares, by contrast, are grown according to our regional calendar and are picked the day they are delivered – ultra fresh, nutrient rich, and did we mention…full of flavor!

In addition, we purposefully maintain a small farm and strive to have a personal relationship with each of our members.  A CSA lets us get to know each other.  You know what we do, how we do it and ultimately, where your food comes from.  We like to think of it as a “food family.”

Something unique to Alum Creek Farms is that we also maintain our own bee hives.  Yes, ACF not only grows veggies, but we also do our best to promote a healthy ecosystem, where we encourage our own little pollinators to help our plants thrive.

Lastly, becoming a member of our CSA is not only way to eat local, but also allows us to participate in becoming a lesser burden to our planet.  Local = Less: Less travel, Less fuel, Less emissions and Less of a carbon footprint.  We can all do our part.