Alum Creek Farms uses all natural, organic methods for fertilization and pest control.  Fertilizers include our favorite staple products such as Garret Juice, Hasta Grow, Medina Growing Green and molasses, as well as locally purchased, organic compost. Pests are not only discouraged by making sure that our plants stay healthy, but are addressed using Neem oil (plant based bitter leaf extract), Garlic Spray, Orange oil, Molasses, and Nolo (organic grasshopper control) when necessary.  These remedies are safe and non-toxic.

Plants that are not used or consumed become compost or are “turned over” to replenish nutrients in the soil.

We produce our own mulch by repurposing the leaves gathered from around the farm which in the hot Texas Summers serves to protect the plants and retain moisture.

And of course, purchased seedlings and seeds are organic & non-GMO.