alumOur story began with a small farmhouse over 70 years ago, when my grandparents bought 100 acres of rough, wild farmland in South Texas.  They worked tirelessly to build their home and cultivate the land.  My dad, a second generation farmer, brings his gift for farming and his love of nature to what we now call Alum Creek Farms. Today, three generations of farmers grow the food that we put on your table.  Together, we plant and pick each vegetable that goes into your baskets.  As a result, you get Alum Creek Farms’ promise that we will deliver the best of what there is to offer.  We love what we do and take enormous pride in reviving an old practice.  Our hope is to demonstrate our commitment to this land and the community.  We are proud to do things the way our grandparents used to.  We know they would be proud too.