For generations past we grew our own food.  We knew what to plant in our soil, when crops prospered, and how they grew the best.  We lovingly nurtured our food out of the dirt with our own hands and aching backs. We planted it, we picked it, and our family, friends and neighbors reaped the benefits of a great harvest.   It was the epitome of hard work and healthy eating.

There were no grocery chain stores, no overseas shipping of our foods, no chemical enhancement – Food was as it should be: fresh, nutritious, and highly valued.

Our hope, therefore, is to bring people back to the source.  Back to a time where food was pure, untainted and thoughtfully acquired.  At Alum Creek Farms, our purpose is to invite you to join us in making conscious food choices. That means knowing what you are eating.

By joining our CSA, you are becoming a member of our farm family.  You will know exactly where your food comes from.  You will meet the people who plant, care for and deliver the food that ultimately makes its way to your family’s table.  You are supporting farmers, and participating in a process that reinvigorates an old practice.  Our mission is to revive the “Community” in CSA.


Our mission is to revive the “Community” in CSA!